"Passion for products" - our trainers are passionate and enthusiastic on behalf of our customers. The Intracon trainers are specialists in their field and effectively communicate their knowledge to the respective target group. Because the success of our customers is based on people who know, understand and pass on the value of their products or services.

As a training agency, we advise you on the planning and implementation of face-to-face training - whether in the classroom format or directly at the point of sale, in the B2B or B2C area. We are happy to train with our professional trainer team or recruit trainers individually for your needs.


We always use innovative technologies for our product training where it is effective. Blended Learning, Virtual & Augmented Reality or 360 ° videos are no foreign words for us. Because personal communication makes the difference here as well.


Trained persons

> 40.000 p.a.


Trainer in Germany



Number of trainings

30.000 p.a.


  • Consulting and development or training content

  • Recruitment of suitable trainers

  • Planning og personnel and resources

  • Execution of the trainings

  • Auditing and quality assurance of Trainings and coaches

  • Reporting, Evaluation and controlling

Marcel Matz

Training Manager IT / IT & Mobile Communication, Samsung Electronics GmbH

We trust entire Intracon event team since many years to plan and deliver the HP Partner First Roadshow. 20 cities - Europe, Middle East, Africa. Creativity, innovation and professionalism characterize the team. We look forward to our future cooperation.